Achieving Business Sustainability Through Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation are essential in optimizing and increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and enhancing product quality, all of which directly contribute to attaining a modern, competitive, and sustainable business model.

CEAd Framework

At CEAd, we work through a Technology and Innovation framework to achieve measurable results in the following three areas: 

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Costs
  • Product Quality
Achieve Sustainable Improvement

When design and implementation are led by technology and innovation, grow facilities become sites of continuous and sustainable improvement, similarly to other mass-scale manufacturing facilities. 

Let’s explore specific benefits enabled by technology and innovation in the three key areas mentioned. 

Benefits of Technology & Innovation
Increased Efficiency
  • Increased productivity through environmental control.
  • Precise, quick, measurable, and repeatable execution of labour-intensive activities whether via humans or machines. 
  • Monitoring and optimization through data collection and analysis.
Reduced Costs
  • Innovative use of cost effective purchase of industry-leading and standardized materials and resources.
  • Staff optimization enabled by automation of key activities and processes.
  • Higher product yields which reduce the cost per unit of production, while providing a buffer against losses related to unavoidable events (such as extreme weather).
Product Quality
  • Higher quality products thanks to precise environmental control and advanced pest and disease control measures.
  • Applying, implementing, and maintaining quality systems that are informed by evolving regulations.
  • Extended shelf life of products through optimal growing and storage conditions.
How does CEAd engage with Technology and Innovation?
  • Ongoing in-house research and development to identify new technologies that can help optimize operations and crop growth.
  • Applying industry-specific operational, regulatory, and scientific knowledge to evaluate the impact of technology and innovation on production, quality, and safety.
  • Redefining how architecture, engineering, and project management interact to seamlessly integrate compliance, production, and sustainability requirements. 
  • Implementing digital technologies and software systems to automate data collection and enable operational processes that are user-friendly and strategic. 

Learn more about CEAd, our vision, and Business Sustainability for Controlled Environment Agriculture Operations.

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