Our work is not done until your facility is problem free and operating at its full potential.  

Pre-Project Services - an image of the outside of a controlled environment facility


During the pre-project phase, all project considerations are brought together at a high level. This includes the conceptual design with a Level D budget, initial climate modeling, yield calculations, choice of production systems in addition to a list of significant consumables and input on the operational budget. This highly instructive process benefits the client by demonstrating how the project can manifest before time and budget commitments are made.


We design modern, innovative, and sophisticated facilities. By combining our historical knowledge with today’s most effective technologies and carefully applying that experience as the starting point to a detailed design, we provide solutions which are then perfectly adapted to specific local parameters and production volume. 

This phase of the project is a precursor to the RFP stage. A detailed design of the facility is generated including all systems spanning from greenhouse design, HVAC, to production systems. Of great importance to the client is the main outcome of this step – drawings. The numerous detailed drawings created by our team illustrate function and  flow of each critical area of the facility, while also providing a general overview of the full project scope.

Detailed Design - Example of a Facility Design
Image of a CFD Model for CEAd CFD Modelling


CFD modelling is based on the principles of fluid mechanics. It is a powerful tool, and a specialty within our team, that allows us to calculate and understand the interaction of multiple variables that create the climate within a greenhouse. Whether it is heat transfer loss via radiation or condensation during the night cycle, our CFD modelling anticipates and eliminates challenges during growing before the first plants are even put into production.


Temperature and hygrometry are two variables which require accurate modeling in order to ensure the correct microclimate within a greenhouse. These two factors are primarily influenced by the outside climate and, therefore, require the right implementation of heating/cooling and air movement in order for proper internal ‘weather’ to be achieved.  

RFP Process - An Image of a man reviewing a clipboard on a construction site


The Request for Proposal (RFP) stage is critical to the successful procurement process of big-ticket purchases. The initial capital outlay of stakeholders, if not managed carefully through a comparative and competitive bidding process for materials and systems, is at risk of going over budget, thus impacting ROI. Our broad, yet very specific, knowledge of multiple vendors worldwide ensures the right material for the right project is purchased cost-effectively and delivered on-time. The process minimizes the risk of scope gaps, thus providing a high level of confidence to the client the budget is accurate.  


We oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from beginning to end. This process brings the duration of a project (project delivery), cost, and quality into a state of control. This process of control is suitable for projects of all sizes and complexities but is suitable for projects of all sizes and complexities, but is particularly critical long-term, mass-scale, high budget initiatives. Whether it is delineating scope and budget, materials and equipment procurement, or even resolving job-site issues between vendors, our experienced team acts directly as client representative throughout the project life-cycle. We have established processes for minute taking, updating Gannt charts, RFIs, and change orders.  


CEAd Project Management - an image of an engineer reviewing documents of a project in progress
CEAd Commissioning and Handover Services. An image of a group of business associates at a table working together.


The end of a project represents one of the most critical stages of development, commissioning, and project handover. Here, we ensure that all key stakeholders are brought to the table to ensure that quality specifications and project parameters have been met. Our diligence during the commissioning and handover process ensures the client receives a functional facility, from the front door to an operational water technical room which the project is reviewed, all budget items are agreed to, and change requests are fully understood, and brought into alliance with the initial projected budget versus actual costs.



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