APIS is a suite of post-construction services which facilitate operational excellence and control in controlled environment agriculture facilities. There are four services, each stand-alone but also accrete and complement each other. APIS provides: CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems), Regulatory and Operational Support, IGM (Industrial Greenhouse Management) Software, and Crop Consulting.


A robust maintenance program is not only a necessary component of a Quality System, it is a critical element for a manufacturing facility of any size. Operational success is measured against many metrics but at the simplest level – equipment must function. Our CMMS services are specific to controlled environment agriculture production and support facilities.

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Regulatory & Operational Support (ROS) provides integrated strategies and resources across cultivation, manufacturing, and quality systems in any operation. Through a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach, ROS provides guidance and support resources to strengthen internal processes owners and stakeholders. Using tools designed for increasing transparency and cooperation between operations, quality, and management. ROS services are built upon GMP, cGMP, FDA, Health Canada, and international food standards. ROS services work to create and maintain a quality culture, with a key outcome of business excellence. 


APIS IGM Software provides a simple solution to centralize all system data within growing and manufacturing operations. Have the who, what, where, why, and when on any batch or lot from any time interval stored in a tamper-proof, verifiable database amongst many other functions. APIS IGM functions with both “manual” process tracking and/or fully automated data capture and interpretation.  

There are 3 primary modules, all of which can be further customized on a per-client basis: 


  • OPE (Overall Performance Efficiency including Equipment Effectiveness) 
  • KPI Reporting (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Climate 
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Precision growing, with perfect light, climate, and the automated mobilization of plant movement through all stages of production, results in lower costs, higher yields, and the ability to supply multiple markets. Behind these concepts and their promise, is a robust crop consulting program – providing a cost-effective model backed by science and proven by data. An advanced crop consulting program, developed by true growers with global, multi-crop experience, is critical to the success of any CEA facility, indoor or greenhouse.  

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