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CEAd Insights from GreenTech Amsterdam 2024: Driving Innovation in Sustainable Agriculture

CEAd is the leading provider of consulting and design services to the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry. GreenTech Amsterdam, the premier event in the horticulture industry, was held on June 11-13th, 2024, at the RAI Amsterdam. CEAd exhibited at the show which features emerging trends and innovations shaping sustainable agriculture. 

Sustainable Innovations

GreenTech Amsterdam serves as a pivotal gathering point to explore the latest & greatest sustainable innovations in horticulture. Several technologies and solutions aimed at revolutionizing agricultural practices worldwide were featured at this year’s show, including CEAd’s APIS Digital Hub. 

A highlight of GreenTech is the Innovation & Concept Awards, which recognize innovations that promise to reshape the future of agriculture. CEAd entered APIS Digital Hub in this year’s competition. APIS Digital Hub integrates multiple inputs from various greenhouse technologies, enhancing crop steering and predictive yield. This powerful tool allows owners and investors to optimize production, quality, and overall sustainability of their facilities. 

Joel Fuzat, SVP Innovation at CEAd, commented, “Each year that we attend GreenTech, we continue to see an increased offering of digital services focused on crop-level intelligence and AI for CEA producers. This indicates a need that producers have and further validates the APIS Digital Hub—Industrial Greenhouse Management (IGM) software. APIS IGM software focuses on both facility and business level intelligence to provide operators a different level of accountability while achieving autonomous production.”

GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 Image of CEAd Tradeshow Booth taken by HortiDaily
Joel Fuzat, SVP Innovation and Taylor Mantel, Manager Engineering (Image Source: HortiDaily)

Key Takeaways & Insights

GreenTech Amsterdam provides the space and opportunity to understand the evolving landscape of horticulture in CEA. We observed trends highlighting a growing emphasis on sustainability, resource efficiency, and advanced technology dedicated to improving facility operations. These insights highlight the importance of continuous innovation that can be achieved with products like APIS Digital Hub in meeting evolving market demands and regulatory requirements. 

Thomas Larssen, President CEAd, commented, “GreenTech Amsterdam continues to be a cornerstone event for the horticulture industry, spotlighting innovations that redefine sustainable agriculture. At CEAd, we are proud to lead the way with our commitment to sustainability through innovations like APIS Digital Hub. Our presence at GreenTech not only highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainability in CEA but also reinforces our dedication to providing industry-leading solutions that address evolving market needs.”

This year’s GreenTech Amsterdam provided a rewarding opportunity for CEAd to showcase our products and services, including APIS Digital Hub. The event reaffirmed our commitment to sustainability and provided valuable insights to continue driving innovation and collaboration within our team and industry. We are grateful for the connections made and the knowledge gained, and we congratulate GreenTech Amsterdam on another successful year! 

We hope to see you at GreenTech Amsterdam next year!

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