CEAd helps Bright Green Corporation achieve DEA Registration for Cannabis Production and Cannabinoid Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

CEAd helps Bright Green Corporation achieve DEA Registration for Cannabis Production and Cannabinoid-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Ontario, Canada, May 3rd, 2023 – In 2019, the DEA detailed a plan to increase access to cannabis for scientific and medical purposes. Bright Green Corporation applied to the program and is currently hard at work on the retrofit of their 22-acre facility in New Mexico for the production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis for medicinal purposes. In order to realize their DEA-approved project, Bright Green has partnered with CEAd.

Bright Green Chief Executive Officer Seamus McAuley said, “The announcement of approval of our registration by the DEA marks a major milestone for Bright Green shareholders and importantly for patients globally. CEAd has been providing crucial compliance support and guidance for the last 2+ years, including for DEA audits. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with CEAd during the design and realization of our multi-phased greenhouse builds and beyond to production with full APIS support.”

CEAd Senior Vice President of Innovation, Joel Fuzat, provided further insight on the Bright Green project, “We have been assisting the company with their documentation and technical papers in the run up to the DEA audit, and will now provide a full scope of services, including cGMP compliant facility design, project management, and full APIS services. We are currently in Phase 1, ensuring that the retrofit fulfills the pharmacovigilance that’s required for production.”

CEAd helps Bright Green Corporation achieves DEA Registration for Cannabis Production

A New Partnership

The history between CEAd and Bright Green began in January 2021. “Bright Green reached out looking for assistance with their project, and CEAd provided papers spanning several topics, including how cannabis can be produced in compliance with CFR 21, Annex 1300. The Standard Operating Procedures cover cultivation, manufacturing, and security procedures. All this work culminated with a DEA site inspection at the New Mexico facility in September of 2022 and the final audit which took place in March of 2023,” states Joel Fuzat. CEAd was instrumental in providing regulatory guidance on Bright Green’s operational plans.

The Project

The Bright Green project consists of two phases. Phase 1 includes 22 acres of existing greenhouse to be retrofitted to produce 100+ tons of dry flower a year. Phase 2 consists of two additional automated greenhouses, each consisting of 57 acres for a combined 114 acres of production. When construction is finished, the two facilities will be one of the world’s largest production site of medical grade cannabis and cannabis extracts for both human and animal medicines, as well as research-grade cannabis and cannabis-based products.

Read the official Press Release from Bright Green Corporation, here

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