During the pre-project phase, all project considerations are brought together at a high level. This includes the conceptual design with a Level D budget, initial climate modelling, yield calculations, choice of production systems in addition to a list of significant consumables and input on the operational budget. This highly instructive process benefits the client by demonstrating how the project can manifest before time and budget commitments are made.

The path to an optimum leading-edge greenhouse facility starts with our services, which begin with the Design team all the way through to Commissioning and Maintenance. Custom tailored to your unique objectives, requirements, and constraints, the project will be designed by a multi-disciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, structural and HVAC engineers, drafts-people, and project managers. 


  • Plan drawing
  • Level D budget
  • Sections of grow space
  • Energy diagram
  • Initial energy strategy
  • List of consumables
    • Design demands
    • Periodic values
  • Simplified operational budget
  • Simplified org chart and list of key personnel
  • Yield estimates
  • Support for financing
  • Networking
  • Initial climate evaluation


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