Design Details

We first began working with Aldershot Greenhouses in the 1970’s. The scope of services for the original project, Phases 1, 2, and 3, included design services, vendor selection for greenhouse and support area construction, and guidance through the RFP process.

The latest Aldershot Greenhouse project consists of an expansion to Plant #3 located in Waterdown, Ontario. The expansion includes a mobile bench system for potted plant production, with various upgrades to the existing mobile bench system.

The additional scope of services includes expanding the greenhouse to fill in a new quadrant, the development of a support area for connecting outdoor and indoor production as well as holiday shipping towards the south, and finally a support area towards the north-east end of the facility.

Project Details





Year Completed:

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Technical Design Services and Support

Original Project: 10, 713 m2
Phase 1: 2,123 m2
Phase 2: 3,766 m2
Phase 3: 7,537 m2
Expansion: 18,075 m2 greenhouse + 2,775 m2

Perennial Flowers

Original Project: 1998
Phase 1: 1999
Phase 2: 2000
Phase 3: 2001
Expansion: 2021

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